Truth is,

If you have cellulite, you’ve probably tried different things to get rid of it already. But for the majority of women conventional methods just don’t the trick. And if you’re one of them, chances are your cellulite fighting efforts are sabotaged by hormonal changes that are often ignored. What if you could address these changes and accelerate your body’s natural ability to crush pesky dimples at the root cause? You can and it all starts with you.

The facts.

N°1 Haters always say it’s impossible.

We say, you just haven’t found the right solution yet. Beating Cellulite is about how well your body responds to the things you do. So stop doing things at random. Making the right changes can make a huge difference and get you the results you want. Our formula is like that little accessory that takes the whole outfit to the next level. Just for your skin.

N°2 The only cream to impact thighs is ice cream.

Most creams & lotions work by plumping up the skin and evening out your dimples for a very short period of time. Since the ingredients are applied on the outside, they can not penetrate your skin deep enough to address the underlying cause of cellulite.

N°3 Working-out not working? Don’t sweat it.

Cellulite develops in a layer of fat that is stimulated by estrogen any may not responds to exercise alone. That’s why women tend to experience an increase of cellulite in times of great hormonal fluctuation, like during the menstrual cycle and menopause. So effectively fighting it, isn’t just about hitting the gym.

The why.

Hormones control everything in your body. They affect your emotional wellbeing along with your physical. But when your hormones go rampant, they can quickly become a driving force in the formation of cellulite. And basically put your cellulite-fighting efforts back to square one every month. Although you can’t escape your hormones, we can help you counteract the impact they have on your skin.

The problem with estrogen...

1. Estrogen stimulates the growth and accumulation of fat cells in your thighs and buttocks.

2. Your connective tissue tries to accommodate the fat and begins to stretch.

3. When the connective tissue can’t stretch any further, fat cells start to push through the dermis and towards the surface of the skin. The cellulite typical dent’s and dimples start to appear.

In a reversal effect fat stimulates the production of estrogen, thus creating a vicious cycle that is often overlooked by women.

The how.

By taking 1 capsule twice a day, you’re damage controlling your skin. Our concentrated beauty supplement with Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) helps to counteract the formation of cellulite when your hormones are out of whack. While the formula doesn’t affect your hormones directly, it supports your cells to handle all the drama that’s going on inside your body.

Reduce stubborn fat commonly found in thighs and buttocks.

Protect your cells from hormone induced oxidative stress.

Restore the elasticity of your skin and support collagen production.

We love butt naked.

Our active ingredient SOD is obtained form a non-GMO proprietary variety of cantaloupe melon. Grown in the beautiful south of France where going naked is second nature. In respect to your existing nutritional routine, we’ve created a formula with only essential and validated ingredients. So you can stay true to the cause, and you true to yourself.


GMO-Free | Plant-Based | 100% Bioactive

What’s inside.

Superoxide Dismutase | 20 mg

Superoxide dismutase is an antioxidant naturally produced in the body. It’s presence on the inside and outside of the cell membrane, makes it one of nature’s most potent fighter against harmful free radicals. Compared to CoQ10, a single SOD molecule is capable to eliminate a thousand times the amount of free radicals.

Zinc | 5.3 mg

Zinc is an essential mineral involved in numerous aspects of cellular metabolism. It promotes the catalytic activity of SOD and protects the support structure of your skin.

Copper | 1.2 mg

Copper is a key mineral important for the production of elastin and collagen. It promotes the activity of SOD and supports the body’s antioxidant defense.

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Discover a whole new way to beat pesky dimples and reclaim smooth and youthful body contours. Loved by women in Europe for years, this proven skin firming formula is now available in the US. Get you body upgrade today. You’ve got nothing to loose, except cellulite.

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